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TLAPD-Kami and Chee by kamicheetah TLAPD-Kami and Chee by kamicheetah
Ahoy! This be me an' the fair wench, Chee's picture for Talk like a Pirate Day.Th' lass did a beauty of a job colorin' this. Arrr...

I only drew male Kami an' colored and drew th' background.
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Naomi-Shikaru Featured By Owner May 31, 2006
>.O would hate to be at the buisness end of those dull lookin' blades, lol. What a fun picture! Like so many others I"m a huge pirate fan. This is just such a sea-worthy fun picture! :+fav:
Ghost-Fox Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2006  Student
Pirates are cool. :ahoy: I love your character.
FoxPirate Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2005  Professional Artist
This is adorable! *fav* I love your art style, its so cute!
Lekpic Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2004
Pirates are just too cool!!! :+favlove:
Jannys-Dawntracker Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2004
Arrr...them'd be some of the best looking pirates I've seen in a while. Good job says I. On a less pirateish note, love the dagger in Kami's mouth, nice touch.
InSaNeKITsUnE74 Featured By Owner May 19, 2004
lifes just a war and death is how you win it not your death but thairs
kamicheetah Featured By Owner May 19, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
That...has.. NOTHING to do with the picture. o_0
InSaNeKITsUnE74 Featured By Owner May 21, 2004
im just a liveing breathing retard >.<
InSaNeKITsUnE74 Featured By Owner May 21, 2004
isnt that the point? or am i not up to date on liveing cuz i was programed in 91
MakaroRiyoko Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2004
I love you/your drawings :D
kuroiookami Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
love the dude on the right. very sharp and vibrant colors!
ThePinkPirate Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2004
Arr! That be mighty bitchin!
TVsKyle Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2004  Professional Filmographer
Beeeyootiful! MORE PIRATES!
corruptedred Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Male Kami is so hawwwwtttt...especially in this one! ~_^
Harumi-Chan Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2004
Arr, this is so cool!! :clap::+fav:
Great job!
arracraidira Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2004  Student Traditional Artist
I love his skull and crossbones earring! I wants it!

this is awesome . .

I should do some Pirates of the Carribean fan art like this
this just rocks
blueraven64 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2003
I like the one with the dagger in the teeth ;)

Very good. :worship:
cheshiregoddess Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2003
Welp ain't that the most dawg gone cute thing in the world awww *pokes* he has his boobie pierced haha!
*pics up wooden sword* arrg matey lets play pirates all hands on the poop deck!! *snickers at such childness*
goldenavatar Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2003
As scary as those swords and knives are, I'd moer afraid of getting tetanous from how rusty they are. But this pic is still cool regardless.
lumi-sama Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yikes XD
The picture is SO well done.. so good.. great.. wonderful..
Been staring at it for the past 15 minutes Xx; Only thing I can see that's off is.. the guy's mouth/nose/muzzle/whatever looks to be too far to the left. Mmhmm :3
Great pic, though! I really like the contrast between the vivid foreground and the pastel-ish background! :heart:
Mandeze-Whitefang Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2003
Pirates coolies

agrhh mateys i be think'n that thatn there pic must be a fav o' mine :+fav: hehehe
yarr Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2003
Arrrr! *pelts with pirates* :pirate:

Male Kami = teh sezzay pirate boy!

I love your character design and the feeling the pic gives of. Luvverly work.

(*smirk* I wore pantaloons to school on the 19th. XD)
uniformgrey Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2003
lol it almost has the feel of a got milk? add for some reason.

i think the sparse background really works in this piece.

i think you both did a wonderful job on your respective characters and i especially love boy Kami's eyes.

good work
devillo Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2003  Professional Digital Artist

Chee. Nipple. The two somehow shouldnt work yet they do. Hmn.....

You know, Im still trying to wrap my head around the fact that people actually set up an official day to talk like a pirate. Naturally, we Brits are far to mature to bring ourselves down to such levels.

MIKE: Arrrrrrrrrrrrr, avest their Jimbo! Who's yer daddy! Get me the cat'o'Nine tails cause I want some Kitty! (I think he means... welll, it begins with P) plus hot Antrho Pokemon action. Arrr arrrr arrrrr!!!!!! *stops and looks at dev* Is my costume a bit much.

I dunno, but perhaps you shouldnt have put your pants on your head by mistake.

MIKE: Mistake?

Oh lord.
pitopishi Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2003  Hobbyist
This is cool indeed XD; Chee's nekkid! *covers eyes* XD;

It's very cool, the expressions on both their faces are um, cool ^^; (I have an extremely limited vocabulary. XP) I like the way male Kami's biting the knife like that. Just as long as he doesn't blunt them on it, he'll need to to rip gullets and whatnot. Eh. XD;

Chee's coloring is awesome, I've always like how she did those hair shines ^^
karebear Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2003
*falls to knees*
I can't compete with the mighty that is your claws, knifes, and cuteness!
Take my gold, please!
*runs away and hides*

.:* KareBear *:.
missbecca Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2003
I LOVE YOU. :favlove:
magical-star Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2003
This is spiffy beyond reason! lol Great joob ^^; Pirates are so cool..
freakyraye Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2003
AHH! its boy kami! This is so cute! Awesome coloring for the person who colored the peoples and i like the background. Its kind of like when you take a picture and the background is all saoft and stuff..=D
silverhammer Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This goes straight to my favs... since Pirates of the Caribbean i'm addicted to everything related to pirates... nice job mate :)
countessrazoff Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2003
I know that one! You had it also at Tailswish!
mandah2000 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2003
arrr this be cute!! ^^ good ol colourin job! ^^
ragnarokofangels Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2003
Yay! Someone else who knows about TLAPD!!!
Jezzann Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2003
YARG this be a sessy pic.
*plays with nipple rings*
xuncu Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2003  Student General Artist
"Yar! Get yea hands off me booty!"
ohnojaylo Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2003  Professional General Artist
Aye, Talk Like a Pirate Day rocks, be the only reason ta listen to th' radio, arrr...
locked-away Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2003
awsome! *favs*
shadesofgray Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2003
Hahah! Awesome! Pirates r0k! Yar, and also, Avast!
delSHARK Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
You two work so awesomely together...wich is why I shall no longer burden you with my presence.
skifi Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2003
Whoa, Kami! XD Not only your usual amazing drawing skills here... that would be cool itself, but... hey, the way you have used coloured outlines in the lineart, and the soft colouring in the rest of the picture.... yay! ^^ Can I add it to my favs? :love:

*suddenly notices the big amount of favs on this image and discovers that he's not the only one liking this piccie so much* :lol:
invader-scythe Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
That's cool! =D
yinsey Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
lmao how cute XD~! looks so funneh~ X3;;; i love how you coloured it!~ fav fav fav
phoenixst Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2003
yay! happy pirates! ^^ I like the doggie guy.
tanin Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2003
The coloring is amazing and the character designs are neat too!
celia69 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2003
lol my friend wants to be a pirate when she grows up and this reminded me of her... we suggested that she be a video pirate but that idea didn't excite her quite as much... awesome job on this, the faces are good.
rocketfemme Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2003
it's cool. i love how male kami came out, but stupid DA are they beginning to do something with compression!? it looks all stretched out. so do other pictures i have viewed. this is annoying.

kyrie Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2003
What be thes' 'talk leck a peret day? You an' th' one lass Susan Deer be talkin' like that. Ye both be leavin' me clueless...

oh yeah...arrrr
WarriorofLight Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2003
That be a fine work o' art you created, m'Lady ! :-)
Oh, and these are just some factoids for the day. According to history, pirates never said "Arrrr", nor did they make their captives
walk the plank. That is just folklore. ^-^ How did I learn this ?
From a television show on A&E, and unfortunately the name alludes me.... X-) X_X
juniper-chan Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2003
Yarr good stuffs me wenchly good woman :)

i be liking this one lots yarr
Ranma-Chan03 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2003
WOW!! this is AWESOME!! i luv the colors soo much!! and the pirate theme's cool too =^_^= me luv this =^_^=
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