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Out in the Cold by kamicheetah Out in the Cold by kamicheetah
..and holiday depression sets in early.. I hate th' cold. -¬_¬\-
---------------------------------------- -------------

Actually this is misplaced, Kami can't really stand that much cold comfortably, but anyway..

XD the sucker is smoking cause it's lit.
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Sirhaven Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2007
the lolipop being lit defys any laws of science :[

just like lighting a candle in water
Sirhaven Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2007
oh your good :P

lol xD
kamicheetah Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
So does an anthropomorpic creature wearing clothes if we're going to talk about defying anything scientific.

Your point?
Sirhaven Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2007
* if you made a wallpaper i would so want to use it :D
XTJ-Shark Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
Zagura Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice work, cant say the same for hating the cold weather...all i can do is give you a cup of hot coffee...:coffeemachine:
Naomi-Shikaru Featured By Owner May 31, 2006
I can feel the chill in the air.. The coloring is just beautiful. The background is great, it just gives me the chills.. which is good cuz its hot as hell outside right now :XD:
vampirekitty3 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2005
I love the cold ^_^ My cats stay in more often then Cute pic, I love your work, i truly do!
brainsurge Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2005
Loves the cold. Anyways, great artwork :D
steffeni Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2005
i like it. nice one =)
last-child Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2005
How do you light a lolli-pop O_o...

I really like the feel of this picture though, so lonely in the snow. I really like how you can capture emotions so well!!

Anyways, sucker=lolli-pop right? not sure, cuz lots of people saying cigarrete -_- looks like a lollipop to me though =P
coyotehybrid Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2005
Yay for lit suckahs XD *snugs+fav* I don't know why, but I adore this simple picture of Kami in the snow. I don't like cold much either... :P
Xaith Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2004
how you positioned the ears really adds to her mood,and the colors you choose are perfect.
OrakianDragonGirl Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice color tone and shading of the light and darkness. ^^ she pretty too.

Silence-Scream Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2004
Magic-Trik Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2004   Writer
Nice picture :) I really like how you did the sucker :D
FrostFlare- Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2004
Sweetish love the colouring Great job
Miroku-monk Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2004
Bad gIrl! :gets mallet: love her hair :D i iceskate so meh like the cold...and in california so like the heat bu MEH
Huskix Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2004
I quite like this picute as I have liked your other pictures, one feature of the picture I especially like is the snow background. Most other pics seem to only portray the snow and not represent the cold and feeling most get on a dark cold snowy night. Again your coloring is wonderful, but there is one small problem I see. This may be me, since I'm not you and obviously dont know what you were thinking when working on the picture, but the shading on the right shoulder seems abit off. The light source for this I suspect is from the snow that is reflecting what ever light hits it onto her, but the shoulder doenst seem exposed enough to the light source to have a lighted area as it does. One last thing, which is more of a question than anything, your smoking sucker, you did the lighting for that well, but shouldnt there be just a tad bit of lighting on the pants?

Again this picture is Fablously well done and beautiful, my complements.
kamicheetah Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
Maybe since unlike a cigarette, suckers are kinda round and the light probably would have hit on the pants some. I was thinking in cigarette terms where it wouldn't ahaha.. hm.
Alquicira Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2004
I love that word =]
:clap: it's so emoional... I love your atrwork...
luciferdarkness Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2004
Holiday depressyness sucks, I agree. Had my full case of it often... ; *pets* But your Kami is really pretty in the dark cold. *pets her and eyes the sucker oddly* Hmmm...;
calcaliber Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2004
-glomps you and gives you a blanket and lots of lollies and sits besides you-
EvangiDaga Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
Awww pwetty.... looks cold come stay with me.. ^,^
CaligoOtter Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2004
After living in a place that has been known to have a foot of snow on the ground by October, I must say that snow r0x0rs. Unless you're skiing and you fall over, then you get a face full of snow and that's never a great thing. X.X

This is... wow. The quality of the light and shading make it almost seem more like a painting than anything else. I love it ^.^
devlinne Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2003
that atmosphere seems so serene and it's like you can almost feel the cold, awesome work, it's gorgeous
edwardbebop Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2003
this is awsome, i always enjoy whenever i come on deviantart and i see some of your art. this is wonderfull.
irobot Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2003
Looks a bit like a rabbit.
kamicheetah Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
but she's not.
irobot Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2003
Sure she is not a rabbit.
The long hanging ears kind of give her something "rabbity".
kamicheetah Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
XB; maybe cause I'm used to drawing her alot I don't see it but if you think so that's fine :3
Kitling Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2003
Beautiful. I loves this. :worship:
manganekoichi Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2003
=O.O= OMG, this rocks my face off! This is so... Me. The holidays and the cold and the just... No. Kat no likey them much, pero Kat really likes this. Mm hmm. :heart:
pennies Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2003
Great picture. She does look sad... I get what you mean, sometimes cold weather gets to me, too. o_0

Awesome picture.. very very bootiful. :)
beale-kami Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2003
Whoa, totally sweet. o_o
surey-neko Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2003
I really like the mood you set but she seems a bit too dark to me... but that could just b/c I like to be able to see the characters expression but I can understand that it's dark b/c it's an ally....I'm retarded don't mind me.. great drawing anyways... Don't feel sad!!! You 're a great artist and people love you !!! :hug:
M1nion Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2003   Photographer
That art is just flat-out plain sweet! I love the shade-detail. Boggles my mind cause I can't do it no matter how hard I try. Keep it up. And wrap up in some blankets till the cold season's over :)
alinka Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2003
Kami is back tada! *dancecs
Amazing pictere. Back round are making me feel cold, and its really how i feel now. The Shadows are very nice, you loly and expression on your face are brilliant. I cant not to add it to fav.
qchan Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2003   Interface Designer
I really like the irridecenty-ness (O-o) The lighting is super awsome!
Viereth Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
Good balance, Kami is well offset by the detail on the opposing side of the composition. The coloration of Kami and the relitive drab purble of the rest of the scene draws alot of attention to her. Shading executed quite well, allowing her to seem blended with the scene. Even though we know she's the focal point, this shading allows us to take in the rest of the scenery, without being overwhealmed by her presance. Smoking lollipop helps to add human interest to the photo, and makes for another nice, but not too distracting, focal point.
kamicheetah Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
Oh good x_x I actually worried the smoke would be distracting.
nephely Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2003  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
God...It's amazing pic.I love colors you used.Great.
Dizziowl Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2003
Can I have your talent? Just for a week? Please?

You can tell I love your work. :)
LeSoldatMort Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2003  Student Digital Artist
Cool pic :D
Alix-Kayan Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2003
I like this alot it is beautiful. I love the cold personaly. :Dances Around in Circles: "^_^" The sucker effect is really cool also. "^_^"
BriiKittee Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2003
Very nice work kami-chi. I love the use of lollis in all your pics. She looks so sad though. ;.;
artshell Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2003  Student Digital Artist
Wow. I looooove it!! I always wonder how students from different countries or states study art. I'm from California from America and I took alot of art classes but still no where close to you no matter how many years I practiced. So far, the art classes I took are beginning art, advance art, advance placement art, drawing and composition, figure drawing 1-3. So what art classes have you taken so far in your life? If you self studied then please tell me your ways of teaching yourself and give me some advise. Please tell me and can you tell me some description of those classes. Then I can go overseas and study in those classes. Thank you! and once again, I love your art (^o^)
gussiejives Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, cold sucks. I live in Canada where we get 4-5 months of bitter cold.

I think this pic really gets that barren mood across. Fantastic.
feralcat Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2003
i like it, the background is great!
JoiisBitch Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2003
wondefful and beautiful! I love the background so damn much and her pose is just greatness!
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