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March 12, 2003
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Id shoot you if I had a gun by kamicheetah Id shoot you if I had a gun by kamicheetah
Boy Kami with a ...well...nothing yet but there will be a gun. oh! and a background..I should really work from th' ground up but I like working from the er..up to the ground. yah..
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Zurite Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2007
.. the tone. O_O Lovely.
Yoma Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2004
HEEHEE!!!!!!!!! :licking: that is uber hotness, lol yay
pupukachoo Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2003  Professional Filmographer
this is strangely one of my favorite pictures you've done in your gallery... I don't know, I love it unfinished. I don't think the torso is 'too twisted' either,..sometimes we have to ignore the laws of gravity and the body to get what we want to achieve >_> so its damn good in my eyes.
celipa Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2003
Boy Kami sure is sex0rzly.
blue-elem3nt Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dang, this is looking sw33t! With those googles, that hair, and that pose... it sorta reminds me of Iria. =D (Big Grin) Lookin' forward to the finished piece.
moodyblues Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2003  Hobbyist
YOW. O_o This looks very cool. The pose and perspective are very dynamic. It'll look awesome when it's done, I'm sure :D (Big Grin)
aryrickin Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2003
Great pose, I can't wait to see it when its finished! :D (Big Grin)
Hyenaworks Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2003  Hobbyist Writer
Nice dynamic pose, but there can be a lot more done with it. I'd feel the emotion a lot more if the gesture was made towards the viewer as opposed to being off to the side like it is.

Where's the other arm? Not sure if this is an incredible coincidental pose in which the other arm happens to be covered by the body, but not sure if it works that way..

Torso looks way too twisted in that direction for the character to be making that kind of gesture. It's not physically convincing.. Hips facing one way, ribs facing another way, arms another way, and head along the arms. It just doesn't look very easy, let alone comfortable.

I like the idea, but I don't think this is as successful as it can be. I don't think a background would help it..
But the coloring job is nice as usual. ^^

Keep submitting new stuff. ^^
trp86 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2003  Hobbyist
Coolies!! And yeah, cute title! Giggle This is so cool!!
quark777 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2003
I love that pose, it's very cool looking
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